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Keep your carpets looking great even with pets!

Our pets are very important to us. They become special members of the family. They are our best friends and loyal companions. We spoil them, play with them, and take care of them as well as we can. Despite the love and care we give them, it’s not possible to prevent our pets from ever having accidents on the carpeting in our homes.

Pet Accidents Can Cause Long-Term Damage

Pet Urine

Pet urine contains nitrogen. It typically has a powerful ammonia-like smell. When your animal smells the ammonia, they will continue to urinate in the same place. The more often your pet urinates on the carpet, the stronger the smell gets. The urine penetrates into the carpet fibers, and the more often your beloved pet has accidents in the same place, the deeper the urine goes into the carpet. That increases the likelihood that the chemicals in the urine will severely damage, if not destroy the carpet, the padding below it, and ultimately, damage or destroy the subfloor under everything.

Pet Vomit

Pet vomit stains the carpet with the contents of our animal’s stomach. Vomit also releases stomach acids that the digestive system uses to break down food. Like most acids, stomach acid can harm or potentially destroy the carpet. The smell is something that lingers, and it will really hinder your ability to enjoy spending time in the room where the pet got sick.

Animal Fecal Waste

Many carpet owners unintentionally damage their carpets when they to clean up their pet’s accidents. They make the mistake of rubbing the accident area in a desperate attempt to scrub the stain away. Then they may realize that the stain isn’t gone, and  they just ground the mess further into the carpet fibers. The hard rubbing may eventually rub the waste into the back of the carpet.

The Challenge of Dealing with Pet Stains and the Odors They Produce

We understand the challenge that our customers face when they are desperate to get rid of the stain, waste, or vomit, and prevent the smell from intensifying. Most of those over-the-counter products may work temporarily, but the truth is, the can, canister or bottle rarely tell you how the product will react on the type of carpeting you have with the natural chemicals like nitrogen that are present in urine. There is an easy way you can deal with the pet odor removal temporarily. For a simple and inexpensive way to remove the odor quickly, mix a solution of rubbing alcohol combined with watered down ammonia, and a small amount of a liquid enzyme detergent. Be sure to rinse the area thoroughly because you don’t want your pet or your children to ingest anything that may be left in the carpeting.

The Importance of Using a Professional Carpet Stain Removal Service

Pearland Carpet Cleaning ’s highly trained and skilled technicians are experts at pet stain and odor removal. We have the Carpet and Rug Institute seal of approval as proof. We are also IICRC certified. We are one of the top carpet cleaning companies in the nation. We will remove the stain, and eliminate the odor with our special carpet cleaning and stain removal technology. We have the knowledge and experience to fix the problem without harming your carpeting. If you’ve got a persistent problem of pet stains and odors, we urge you to have your beloved animal examined by a vet. The vet can help you find ways to prevent future accidents, but we’ll deal with the messes.

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