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Pearland Carpet Cleaning  is the name you’ve come to know as THE carpet cleaning specialists. When it comes to spot and stain removal, you can count on us to use our proprietary methods and organic products to penetrate deep into the carpet or rug fibers to remove unsightly spots and stains. Thanks to our hot carbonation and hot water extraction process and our organic stain removal products, you can rest assured that we will remove deeply embedded stains without harming the carpet or rug fibers. Our IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) training and certification, gives us the industry’s highest credentials and our trained and skilled professional technicians are prepared to deal with the most difficult and challenging stains. Our customers contact us all the time because they’re desperate to have us remove any type of stain you can imagine, including vomit, blood, ketchup, wine, grass stains, pet or child potty-training accident stains, makeup, paint, nail polish, magic marker, glue and many other permanent stains.

What Makes Carpet and Rug Stains So Difficult to Remove?

Those stains that are so impossible for you to remove at home generally occur in one of two ways: the substance that produced the stain gets embedded into the depths of the carpet or rug fibers. Sometimes the food, liquid, bodily excretions, or chemicals in nail polish, paint, markers or other stain producers that fall on or seeps into the carpet or rug, contain chemicals that interact with the carpet fibers, causing discoloration in that place on and in the carpet or rug.

Why You Can’t Rely on Commercial Spot and Stain Removers for Permanent Results

We understand that once that stain or spot occurs, your instant reaction is to do something to try to remove it. You rightly assume that the stain would be easier to remove if you treat it immediately. You may be so desperate to get the stain out of your carpet that you try one or more of the advertised products that are easy to find. How many times have you tried to remove the stain on your own? How many times have you followed the product instructions to the letter, only to discover that the spot or stain isn’t gone? You may repeat the process many times without ever getting the results you want.

Why You Should Leave the Job of Spot Treatment and Stain Removal to Professionals

We hold IICRC certification, Clean Trust Certification, and we have a Seal of Approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute. We pride ourselves on earning these distinctions from the carpet cleaning and restoration industry’s highest authorities. We are licensed and insured, so you can feel confident in allowing our technicians to come into your home or business.

Different types of Spots and Stains Require Different Types of Treatment

We know that different types of spots and stains may require different treatment. We also know that we can’t always use the same treatment for all carpets and rugs. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your carpet or rug to determine how to tackle your spot or stain problem. After removing the embedded stains, we apply a special sanitizing treatment.

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